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We are a non profit organization
is a non-profit organization established to organize conferences and trade shows for the prairie organic industry and to facilitate activities that enhance and promote the organic sector through education and awareness.

2004 - our first conference
The first Organic Connections Conference was held in November of 2004.

Industry recognized Board of Directors
Board members are recognized leaders in the organic sector who want to provide an opportunity for the organic community and the wider community to network, market, learn, grow, play and re-connect. Now planning the fourth  conference for November 21-23, 2010 the Board of Directors remain guided by the vision to connect the organic community from the producer to the consumer”.

Supporting a bright future
Organic food is one of the fastest-growing sectors in global food production. With the Canadian National Organic Regulation in place, the potential growth has never been greater. Along with strong growth, it is a sector that creates opportunities for producers to operate profitably in a sustainable manner. In this context, the prairie organic industry is ideally positioned to become a major force in revitalizing rural economies. Organic operators are in great need of access to current information and the opportunity to continually upgrade their knowledge of organic production, marketing and mechanisms that will allow them to explore and establish new business relationships. The conference is designed to address those needs.

Diversification Opportunities
Organic production offers an important opportunity for rural diversification, as part of a strategy that mitigates risks by investing in different business sectors. The conference will assist producers and processors by increasing market access, competitiveness, and efficiencies, which will support job creation and lead to a stronger, more diversified, and sustainable rural economy.

Over the past decade, the organic industry in Canada has emerged as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional farming. Organic agriculture contributes to environmental sustainability goals by:

• Reducing non-renewable energy inputs
• Reducing harmful impact of pesticides
• Supporting biodiversity
• Supporting soil fertility
• Reducing water pollution
• Conserving water



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