"Crop Inputs that Make a Difference for Organic Farming"

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"Crop Inputs that Make a Difference for Organic Farming"

Sheldon Gesell, Cindy Nikolaisen, Mitch Good, Derek Pratt



The assembled panel of industry participants will discuss the justification for and practical use of soil amendments and crop inputs available to organic farmers that support soil health, fertility, crop vitality, and yield. Drawing upon their experiences and practical examples, the panel will discuss application techniques and compare/contrast available organic (sustainable) options with inorganic approaches in the marketplace. This will be a worthwhile session for any individuals currently practices organic farming or considering transitioning to organic.

Sheldon GesellSheldon Gesell
Dirt n Grow

Sheldon Gesell has a Bachelor of Soil Science from the University of Manitoba. He has over 25 years of experience in the commercial agriculture sector working with NON organic pesticides/fertilizer and now over 10 years of experience working with organic pesticide/fertilizer options. Sheldon owns his own company called Dirt n Grow and produces Organic Certified fertilizers/herbicides for open field farmers, indoor greenhouses, lawn and garden centres across Canada and the Northern United States.



Mitch GoodMitch Good
Tek-Mac Enterprises

Organic Farmer and soil nutrient supplier specializing in large scale monoculture cropping. As a young farmer, he gave a lot of time to research and observation, having been around agriculture his whole life. On their farm, they are focused on building soil health through organic nutrition and crop rotation. Mitch has a deep interest in holistic health concerning the human body and this ideology rolls over into his farming practice and working with nature - always learning and striving to find a natural sustainable balance.




Derek PrattDerek Pratt

Derek is Managing Director of Penergetic Canada (and Penergetic Solutions in the U.S.). Penergetic products from Switzerland are used for all aspects of sustainable agriculture (and water), are used globally (+35 countries) and have been in use for over 20 years. Through offices/warehouse in Burnaby, B.C., Derek oversees importation and Penergetic’s North American distribution through a network of regional dealers/distributors.

Derek’s past background includes being Director of Planning/Manager of Land Use Services for a regional level of government; overall management of a Nature Health Products manufacturing and distribution company targeted at health professionals and management consulting.

His educational background includes: A Bachelor of Environmental Studies (University of Waterloo), Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Ivey Business School, Western University) and a Certificate in Agriculture – in Crop Production (University of Saskatchewan).

In his youth, Derek spent summers at his uncle farm (Essex Country, ON) and his parent farm (Simcoe County, ON). He has prepared agricultural policy reports in both Ontario, Alberta and B.C. and previously, with his wife Heather, operated a hobby farm on Vancouver Island. Derek’s connection to Saskatchewan include both his grandfathers having homesteaded in southern SK (south of Lafleche) and both his parents growing up in Saskatchewan (during the dirty 30’s).

Cindy NikolaisenCindy Nikolaisen
Back to Your Roots

Cindy began her career over 30 years ago as a psychiatric nurse. Always striving to improve health, she dedicated her efforts to assisting people with mental health issues. Cindy spent many years working in nursing homes, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals.

Ten years ago, Cindy felt it was time to change the direction of her profession. After attending a seminar where she learned about the science of Dr. Carey Reams and how nutrient dense food and health soil positively affects human health, she quit her successful nursing career and began to pursue the sciences of the soil.
Cindy has spent countless hours learning and walking fields to discover about the importance of balance in the soil from producers, soil specialists and leaders in the industry. She has refined specific plans that are used to create balance and health in the soil. Now Cindy is dedicated to improving physical health and helping people grow healthy, nutrient dense food.





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