Organics Challenging the New Frontiers of Genetic Engineering

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Organics Challenging the New Frontiers of Genetic Engineering
Lucy Sharratt


"Organics Challenging the New Frontiers of Genetic Engineering"
Lucy Sharratt

Organic farmers in the Prairies are facing some immediate threats from genetically modified (GM)/genetically engineered crops. GM alfalfa was put on the market in Eastern Canada this year over farmers’ objections, and GM wheat was found contaminating a farmer’s field in the US again, despite having never being commercialized. The world’s top six seed and agrochemical companies are about to merge to become the top three, taking unprecedented control. But the future of GMOs and pesticides is in deep trouble. The conventional agri-food industry in Canada has lost so much public trust that they have organized a new “social license” project to take it back. But organic farming is the future that consumers want, and it’s the farming that the earth needs. Is a global showdown between genetic engineering and organics unavoidable? If so, who will win?

Lucy SharrattLucy Sharratt
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network
Lucy Sharratt works in Ottawa as the Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, also known as CBAN. CBAN brings together 17 organizations including farmer associations, environmental groups and international development organizations, all of which have serious concerns about the use of genetic engineering in food and farming. Lucy previously worked as a campaigner and researcher on this issue at the Sierra Club of Canada and the Polaris Institute. Lucy also coordinated the International Ban Terminator (GE sterile seeds) Campaign.


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