Friday, November 4

Trade Show: 8am - 6pm
8am - 9am
Registration (Convention Hall)- Early registration Thursday from 5-7pm
9am - 10am
Opening Comments - Marla Carlson, President, Organic Connections (Convention Hall)
Keynote: Danielle Nierenberg (Convention Hall)
"Cultivating a Better Food System: A Conversation with Danielle Nierenberg"
"Farm to Table: Conversations from the Field and the Kitchen"  Joel Mowchenko & Chef Mariana Brito (BC Room) " Is this kind of farming sustainable?"  Wallace Hamm & Foster Warriner (Convention Hall) "The Organic Quiz" Nicole Boudreau (Quebec/Ontario Room)
12pm - 1pm
PANEL "Sustaining the Future: Women in Organic Agriculture" Amber Fletcher, Danielle Nierenberg, Angela Schmitt, Lisa Clark, Wendee Kubik, Nicole Davis, Lisa Mumm (BC Room)

PANEL "Green Manure: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"  Andy Hammermeister, Myriam Fernadez, Wally Hamm (Convention Hall)

PANEL "Crop Inputs that Make a Difference for Organic Farming"  Sheldon Gesell, Cindy Nikolaisen, Mitch Good, Derek Pratt (Quebec/Ontario Room)

2:30- 3:30pm
Tradeshow & Break
Keynote: Dr. Kristine Nichols (Convention Hall)
"Soil Biology Builds Resilience in Organic Systems: Long-Term Trials Comparing Conventional and Organic"

Platinum Sponsor Receptions:

Gluten-Free Milling / GIOSI / Kamut & PHS Organics / Glacier Media

Organic Banquet 6pm onward

Saturday, November 5

Trade Show: 8am - 4pm
8:30 - 9:30am
Keynote: David Oien (Convention Hall)
"The Irony of the Underground- Reflections on the Value Proposition of Organic Agriculture for the 21st Century"
9:30 - 10am
Tradeshow & Break
"Meeting the Global Food Security Challenge: The Role of the Organic Sector" - Liz Carlisle (BC Room) "Organics Challenging the New Frontiers of Genetic Engineering" - Lucy Sharratt (Convention Hall) "Agroecology: Farming with nature to grow food sovereignty and cool the planet!" - Hélène Tremblay-Boyko (Quebec/Ontario Room)
 "How do we respond to Social License?" - Dag Falck (Convention Hall)
12pm - 1pm
1pm- 2pm

 "Canadian Trends and Organic Overview" - Tia Loftsgard

Closing Comments (Convention Hall)

2pm – 2:30pm
Tradeshow & Break
3:30 – 4:30
PANEL "Transitioning to Organic Livestock Production" Gene Kessler, Lorne Schroeder, Ken Kessler, Joel Mowchenko (BC Room) "Organics 3.0: The Evolution of the Organic Movement"  Andy Hammermeister, David Gould, Tia Loftsgaard (Convention Hall) PANEL "Diversification: From Production to Marketing, and Organic Perspective" Al Boyko, Allen Zak, Colleen Haussecker (Quebec/Ontario Room)

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