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2014 Organic Trade Show

Organic Connections Trade Show always attracts attendees to get the latest in information on marketing, product inputs, organic support networks, equipment addressing organic farming needs, resources and  many other informational topics.  Trade Show breaks are scheduled in the program so that Organic Connections meets the needs of the exhibitors and the registered guests without taking away from conference presentations.

Visit these exhibitors during the Organic Connections Trade Show (don't forget to bring your samples   

 LOCATION – Shumiatcher Room  
1 EcoCert Canada    
2 Dirt n’ Grow Wholesale and Manufacturing    
3 Organic Producer’s Association of Manitoba (OPAM)    

Silver Hills

5 Hammond Realty    
6 Frontlink    
7 Richardson Milling    
8 Farmer Direct Cooperative Ltd.    
9 Wilsie Equipment    
10 Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.    
11 Mountain High Organics    
12 Nature’s Path    
13 International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA)    
14 Sunrise Foods International    
15 Sunrise Foods International    
16 Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd.    
17 Growers International Organic Sales/Nutra Sun Foods    
18 Grain Millers Canada Corp/Grain Millers Inc.    
19 Back to your Roots Soil Solutions    
20 Bioriginal    
21 Nature’s Organic Grist    
22 Wapaw Bay    
23 Avafina    
24 Shafer Commodities Inc.    
25 Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA CA) Canada    
26 F.W. COBS Company Inc.    
27 Dad’s Organic Market    
28 Clear Creek Organics     
29 Best Cooking Pulses Inc.    
30 Kamut International, Artesian Acres, & PHS Organics, Inc.    
31 Penergetic Canada    
32 Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods    
33 Arbonne International    
34 Interlake Forage    

Location - Convention Lobby

A Organic Alberta    
B SOD    
C Paul Hanley - Books    
D International Rural Exchange Canada    
E Hemp Genetics International Inc    
F Redwillow Organics    


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