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The 2014 Organic Connections Convention and Trade Show is planned for November 7th and 8th and will be held at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina.


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The theme for the 2014 Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show is “Farming for the Future”. We are enjoying a time of exciting challenges in organics as demand outstrips supply and farm prices reflect the positive market conditions.  Organic export markets with new equivalencies open new opportunities while we are challenged with losing long time producers retiring or realizing increased land prices, and new, energetic people wondering where to start.  

Our conference program this year is designed specifically to help families prepare and plan for a productive future on the farm. There will be a good mix of practical agronomic and marketing information, some tantalizing new and different strategies and ideas, and a few things thrown in just for fun. The organic food served during the conference is reason enough to attend even if networking with like-minded folks and visiting with buyers and suppliers or learning gems of wisdom were not your motivating factor. If you are a veteran Organic Connections participant then you will remember that we take having fun and celebrating the contributions made by our farm families very seriously! 

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