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Handmade quilts - a prairie tradition
Handmade quilts represent rural prairie home life. The works depicted on the squares of a quilt transfer values, knowledge, tools and information to the next generation and can help share traditions between cultures. They symbolize resourcefulness looking at old things in new ways and making something beautiful and functional out of nothing. In many prairie homes it was the handmade quilts that kept whole families warm on cold winter nights. Quilting was also one of the few ways that Prairie Women could express their artistic side.

Marilyn Schivak
You are invited to participate in the first Connections Quilt featuring Barns of all kinds.
The barn is the age old symbol of rural life. Traditionally these buildings have protected the wealth of the farmstead; the animals, the grain, the seed, the tools of the farm. To celebrate not only this vanishing symbol of the countryside, but the art and creativity that also sprung from prairie soil, we have commissioned a one-of-kind quilt featuring 13 different structures from Regina quilter, Marilyn Schivak.

Watch for it at the Conference
The quilt will be displayed throughout our Organic Connections events, November 21-23, and will be sent home with the lucky bidder through a Silent Auction which ends at the Banquet and Awards Event on Monday, November 22, 2010. The final quilt dimensions will be 88 in. x 88 in. and will fit a queen bed nicely.

Name on Square
We would like to offer the first 12 respondents the opportunity to have their farm, organization or business included as part of this piece of art. Our professional seamstresses will be happy to embroider your name on one of the quilt squares.

Each 18x18 square will be personalized for a $100 sponsorship that will include:

  • Personalizing your chosen square with information that you provide, for example the name of your farm or organization and/or a motto or mission statement (depending on length)
  • Recognition in all promotional information for the quilt
  • Recognition on the Organic Connections website
  • Recognition at the unveiling and during the Silent Auction bidding

Please email Lorraine Beaudette or phone (306) 956-3110 to sign up or for more information. Remember, it’s first come – first served! Act early to save your space!

Square One
All a Round

Square Two
Bow Wow Buddies

Square Three
Dairy Barn

Square Four
Frosty Dancer

Square Five
Here a Chick

Square Six
Sleigh Ride

Square Seven
Oh Canada

Square Eight
Mail Call

Square Nine
Something to Crow About

Square Ten

Square Eleven
Pumpkin Patch

Square Twelve
Wind Power
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